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About this building

Crystal Palace in Madrid, designed by Ricardo Velásquez Bosco, is located at El Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain. It was designed in 1887 and built in 1887. It was later remodeled in 1975-1998.

It has a total built-up area of 750 m²

Other people involved in the desing and construction process of the Crystal Palace in Madrid were:

  • Angeles Hernandez-Rubio, José de la Dehesa as Remodelation Architect
  • Alberto de Palacio Elissague as Structural Engineer
  • Bernardo Asins as Construction Company

If you want to learn more about the Crystal Palace in Madrid, don't hesitate to check the full article! Were you'll find a lot more information about it, including historical context, concept development, type of structure and materials used, and more.

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