About WikiArquitectura

WikiArquitectura celebrates the most relevant architects and buildings from all times. We study, analyze, and document them to create the largest online architecture encyclopedia.

We’ve been growing and maintaining our database since 2007 so that students, professionals and curious can access it for free.

Our team is made up of architects, teachers, historians and other professionals from different disciplines. We all play a key role in making sure that WikiArquitectura’s information is always trustworthy, up-to-date, comprehensible, and easy to access for everyone.

Expanding Our Horizons in 2023: The Launch of Buildings DB

In 2023, in an exciting step forward, we expanded our digital footprint with the launch of BuildingsDB.com. This new platform serves as a perfect complement to WikiArquitectura. While WikiArquitectura continues to offer in-depth narrative analysis and rich storytelling about architecture and design, Buildings DB focuses on providing a structured, data-driven exploration of US architecture.

By launching Buildings DB, we are not only broadening our scope but also reinforcing our commitment to delivering diverse and comprehensive architectural knowledge. We invite you to explore both platforms and continue learning about this fascinating world of architecture, together.