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Join us in our mission to celebrate the most relevant buildings and architects of all times!

At WikiArquitectura we are looking for passionate architecture students who would like to volunteer/internship with us for a period of 3 to 6 months.

Why WikiArquitectura?

WikiArquitectura is a non-for-profit platform. We offer 100% original and high-quality content for FREE, and we rely mostly on the help we get from volunteers around the world who all share the same passion for architecture.

Over more than 13 years writing about buildings all over the world WikiArquitectura has managed to become the world largest online architecture encyclopedia. Unlike other sites, our articles stay relevant virtually forever, and are read by thousands of people every single day, consistently reaching more than 3 million page views per month, every month!

By collaborating with us not only will you be learning a lot about researching and on-line publishing, but your work will also have an unmeasurable impact on the architecture community for years to come.

What’s the minimum commitment?

Some volunteers work with us for just a few months, others, like some of our senior editors, have been collaborating with WikiArquitectura for over 5 years!

Our workflow is very flexible by nature, but specially when dealing with students. We know you have a lot on your plate and that some periods might be more demanding than others, with exams and presentations.

Usually 10 hours per week for a period of 3 to 6 months is what look for. But what we are really looking for is people who get excited about learning something new about architecture every day. If you can relate to that we are confident we can make everything else work. Let us know your current commitments and critical dates and we’ll work with you to create a schedule that works for everyone.

What will you do?

WikiArquitectura is all about content, so you will be doing research and writing articles about selected buildings. You will work hand in hand with one of our senior editors to select the buildings that interest you the most, structure each article, find the right sources of information, images to illustrate the article and finally, publish your work and make it available to thousands of users every day.

What will you learn?

Working with our senior editors you’ll learn to find sources of information for both written and graphic information, to structure an article in a way that it tells a story and makes sense to the reader, you’ll also learn to prioritize what information is key to understanding a building and which is secondary, you’ll learn to plan ahead to make sure you final article hits the number of words you were looking for and much more.

Additionally, if you are interested in the on-line world, we’ll be happy to show you the backoffice of a site like WikiArquitectura and show you what it takes to keep our database properly organized and categorized, searchable and easily accessible in five languages.

Will you get paid?

As you already know by know WikiArquitectura is a non-for-profit platform that relies mostly on the work of volunteers. Unfortunately we are not able to pay our volunteers, at least not with money, but we can offer perks which as a student you might find interesting and useful in you career.

These are some of the perks we offer to our tea of volunteers:

  • Recommendation letters for future employers.
  • Endorsement of relevant skills on LinkedIn.
  • Certificates of achievement (these are printed certificates physically mailed to you).
  • Shout-outs on social media.
  • Subscriptions to selected architecture magazines.
  • Free copies of selected architecture books from top publishers such as TASCHEN or PHAIDON.

Where will you be working from?

All of WikiArquitectura’s team works remotely, so you are free to work from wherever you feel more comfortable, home, the library, study rooms, cafes… But you won’t be alone. We will provide you access to a collection of online tools we use to organize workflows and connect with each other, so you will always be able to reach out to another member of the team to solve doubts, discuss ideas or simply start a conversation with a colleague about anything you want.

Interested? Apply now!

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