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Built in
11.800 tons
216 m
Žižkov, Prague, Czech Republic
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The television tower in the capital of the Czech Republic, Žižkov Television Tower, has a unique design, built during the communist period, between 1985 and 1992, the transmitter was put into operation on 18 February 1992.

From the top of a hill in Zizkov district, which takes its name, is well above the traditional city skyline. It is the tallest building in Prague and was designed by architects and Jirí Václav Aulický Kozák.

The tower has a height of 216 meters, weighs 11.800 tons, and is also used as meteorological observatory, at a base at 100 meters height. The tower belongs to the World Federation of Great Towers.

In 2000, placed in the tower several sculptures by Czech artist David Černý as temporary exhibition but definitively incorporated since 2001.


Like many examples of architecture from the communist era in Central and Eastern Europe, the television tower was not readily accepted at the time of its construction and although at the time was unable to give any opinion, unofficially was criticized for its megalomania, for its unpleasant effect on the Prague skyline and proximity to the Old Jewish Cemetery.

Also, rumors circulated that the tower was built to interfere and not allow the entry of television and radio signals from the west, especially Radio Free Europe, have a potential use as a communications hub for the Warsaw Pact forces in event of a NATO attack.

Giant Babies

It is striking that the Žižkov tower is covered with giant babies crawling on it. The company that manages the tower for a long time had something to add to the building and give both personal and less rigid spice up your architecture. The exhibition of the artist SEJD which was originally to be one year left as a final touch of the tower.

Each of the large baby weighs approximately 800 kilos and the idea came from the Kampa Museum, located nearby in Sovovy Mlyny.


Žižkov TV Tower stands in a neighborhood park which took its name, street Mahlerovy sady 1, Prague, Czech Republic.

This district lies near the center of Prague, in an undulating terrain with a maximum height of 260 meters above sea level, abundant on slopes and hills. Its streets are narrow and some very steep, but because it suddenly opened before the visitor a beautiful view.


From afar, the tower looks like a spaceship about to take off.

Giant Babies

According to the explanation of the maker of babies, David Černý: “Babies are larger than the real, are all the same and their faces are different from a normal person, are sketchy. It means people of the future will have all the same genome, which all have the same DNA.”


The tower has antennas and transmitters of Radio and TV and a restaurant and cafeteria in the lower platform, at 63 feet, and three observation rooms to 100 meters, one used as a meteorological observatory.

The elevators that run up the pillars are equipped with speedometers and walk 4 meters per second, transporting passengers to different levels.

In 2006 he retired the white cone of the top and the panel associated with it that it was the TV transmitter, then change analog to digital television broadcasts forced to change the transmitting antenna. The delicate operation was performed by a special helicopter, which delicately picked up the old transmitter, weighing several tons, and replaced by the new.


The tower structure is unconventional, is formed by three circular tubes of reinforced steel and concrete that support the whole structure generally composed of nine bases installed on three levels, these tubes reach the 134 meters.

The first was lifting contains two people and has a diameter of 6.4 meters, the second a forklift and another carrying a ladder, the last two with a diameter of 4.8 meters.

The foundations of the tower is 15 meters deep, a circular concrete slab, 4 feet thick and 30 meters in diameter. The upper part can withstand a swing of up to 120 inches, which reduces many thanks to a special vibration absorber.


Basically its construction was made with reinforced concrete, iron and steel.



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