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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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The study MBM (Martorell, Bohigas and Mackay) from Barcelona and the Dutch MVRDV, among others, were invited to submit designs for the building of housing for rent and sale, the Housing Silo Amsterdam known as Silodam.

MVRDV was selected for this project, reflecting its view that the works must adapt to changing conditions in the world in a colorful puzzle whose pieces have different designs.


Located on the River Ij to win ground water at the end of the street next to Strekdam grain silo converted into homes, in Amsterdam, Holland.


It is a block of flats and offices of high density, which was taken as a central concept flexibility.

Silodam is an excellent example of the idea of cutting off. The space just does not flow in a horizontal direction but extends vertically through the floors to bend and fold like concrete waves.

This idea is a step beyond what is experienced with the plant free. Here the facade was not designed as a wall but as an expression of the court.

The building is pierced with three holes that were made in volume. One is a dock, while the other two are semi-public spaces for users of the complex.


Silodam is a 10-storey building with 20 meters wide and 120 long. There were distributed and 157 rental apartments for sale, some of which are for offices and public spaces.

Thanks to the high demand for different types of housing in the same building, the study designed a work with as many types as possible.

According to its characteristics, the departments were grouped into mini-neighborhoods, between 4 and 8 apartments, which are processed according to the wishes of the client.

The location of a neighborhood gun puzzle that can be read on the facade: each part is expressed with different designs and colors. The provision of strategic centers of movement is what allows great flexibility in plant and armed court. Houses not only differ in size but also for diversity in the quantity and size of rooms, levels, building materials, outdoor spaces and even types of windows.

To save space, the pier through the building, out onto the river and ends back in the water with a balcony of public access. Below the balcony, a unit for office offers incredible views of the river. Beneath the building, a marine allows owners tie their boats.




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