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Vienna, Austria
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The architects Dieter Henke and Marta Schreieck designed this residential private commission for the Austrian company Österreichische Beamtenversicherung ÖBV insurance.


Located in the residential area Hernals, the 17th district of Vienna, in the northwest of the city.

The site where the complex is implanted, is in a position on the corner. It is rectangular, with the longer side of the street Frauenfelderstrasse.

Facing the sun, a football field works with open views of homes.


The premise consists of an L-shaped building permeable, spatially rich interiors. The structure is covered by a flexible modulation envelope, so that each user can customize the exterior to their individual needs without disturbing the overall pace of the rebels.


The two wings are set in a corner, one located on the south side, with a front garden, whose image continues the pace set by the facades of existing neighboring buildings, and the other located on the east side with departments and businesses looking directly onto the street.

The area of ​​contact of the two wings is occupied by an open lobby and stairwell that serves as a gateway and backbone access system. Each home has a custom entry to which is accessed from the main body of stairs.

On the side facing the courtyard galleries are placed under glass access, receding into the upper floors to get more light and air into the yard.

Inside, while collaborating standard measures used to darkness and space limitations, all thresholds were reduced and becoming static bindings spaces as open and flexible as possible.

The sliding doors are separating elements and glass walls, both inside and outside, which occupy the entire height of the room. No lintels, sills and thresholds. This opening of the structure is a potential that the occupants can be tailored to your individual needs. Sliding shutters, screens and open galleries strata act as spacers between public and private space.
Continuous parquet flooring, translucent glass doors and bespoke furnishings acting as room dividers, continue the theme of openness and spaciousness as to the quality of the details.


Reinforced concrete.



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