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Torre Murano, México city
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This article was writen with the collaboration of the architectural studio in charge.


Torre Murano offices belong to a company that needed to move his people to a more corporate space without losing the warmth they had achieved over time.


The space is divided into two wings, the technological and the corporate side, joined by a zone boardrooms formal and informal serving and serve as a transition between one space and another.

The color scheme is an essential part of the environment, as it took into account the colors of nature to recreate the feeling inside outside. The use of blues, greens, and oranges serve as a whole mixture of tranquility and productivity.

The overall image creates a hybrid between the elegant and modern. A calming space, with few private and alternative work many areas speak of changes in the way of working of the company. Younger generations who now lead the company into the future, can not work as before, so we designed a more modern and dynamic space that could go transforming according to different needs.

A sober and colorful reception at once welcomed into space, leaving space between seeing the casual collision and booths that are placed after crossing the threshold.
Private and offices located in the southern part of the building to help better control the air conditioning and lower energy costs.


An office without going to extremes, and use of environmentally friendly materials, sustainable enough to cause the least impact on their environment, designed from the outset to be ethically correct.



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