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Since the beginning of his career, Frank Gehry has investigated about the freedoms of expression that allows formal analysis of the fish. In the 80 years that some objects designed to explore these possibilities.

In this case, during the Barcelona Olympics, he was charged in a speech to the port which has very large steel structure in the form of fish, whose golden mark the start of the Olympic harbor promenade.

This was the first project that experimented with the computer to help him build its complicated structure and curvilinear forms that have skewed so much fame.


Located in the Olympic Port, next to the towers and Mapfre Arts Barcelona.


This is a monumental metal sculpture.
Pez Dorado is a network of thin metal lines intersecting to form a lattice with a style markedly abstract. Nevertheless, it sensed the figure of a fish whose scales acquired a gold when they affect the sun’s rays.

Gehry describes his constructions “fish.” The skin of a fish or imply neither articulates how his internal organs. However, a fish can be beautiful, definitely tailored to fit their environment, and its skin is used to keep the body dynamically consistent. The idea of the fish, he says, is an expression of their anger against useless historical references of postmodernism.

Gehry uses computer-aided design not to create their models, which are made by hand, but to provide precise specifications for their construction asymmetrical forms.


Metal plates.



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