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Halle-Neustadt, Germany
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This group of towers in the urban desert of concrete messy Hall-Neustadt is the work of architects and Hubert François Hermann Valentiny.

The intervention, introduced in the context of a new language. Establishes a difference from the surrounding rows of buildings and towers point from two factors: presents a much smaller number of floors and greater homogeneity in proportions, which gives them a community tower.


It is located on the street Am Bruchsee, like a hotel and a set of services designed by the same authors in Halle-Neustadt, Germany.


It is a both architectural and urban intervention.

This residential architecture reaches a large force from the following factors: the group of towers redefines the environment within the urban scale. At a more immediate, given appropriate contextual response to needs of the area through use of a lucid volume and color, and from the standpoint of domestic program, make the distribution of light and the main values.


With respect to urban planning, the five apartment blocks play the role of delimiting the city center. The volumes and elevations that have a particular relationship to the street are uniform in structure and color, complementing the heterogeneity of the surrounding and contributing to the guidance of residents and passersby. By contrast, the structural elements of the back, which areas are located domestic privacy, vary in their configuration, since plants continue block street curvature opening and arranged for receiving light Solar.

Each apartment has terraces and galleries complemented with lots of windows. Thanks to these intermediate areas, light can penetrate sufficiently into the interior of the departments.



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