Built in
Land Area
180 m2
Built-up Area
345 m2
La Plata, Argentina
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Designed by Le Corbusier to the dentist Pedro Sunday Curutchet owes its fame to that is the only one built in South America and was the only one that the architect had the satisfaction of knowing that it was built, (because of other works that are commonly attributed to him, Le Corbusier only worked in the sketches).

The house Curutchet out because there are fully achieved the principles characteristic of the proposed architecture that Le Corbusier: open plan, the terrace garden, the aventanamientos horizontal and the facade off.


The home is located in a small batch of 9m by 20 m deep, between medians, with an exceptional location, facing a large green and boulevard and a plaza linked to the Forest of the city of La Plata, capital of the province of Buenos Aires.

On a purely architectural highlights two key elements: building a house on a plot of limited size between medians and that as a result of urban planning in the city of La Plata as diagonal streets, the longitudinal axis of the ground with a incline near 45 degrees.


This is a house between medians to be integrated into the context of the tree through the courtyard on the ground floor, transparencies and fragmented spaces.

By design, Le Corbusier took into account the needs of its future inhabitants and the house divided into two volumes clearly separate the area from the front office and the area of housing ago, both articulated by the yard and the access ramp. This ramp is facing the entrance door, organizing the internal movement in the form of an ascending promenade. The emergence of the ramp as space-induced (you can not escape from its inclined plane) to tour the forcing house of vertically, offering an interesting set of perspectives.

The formal respect for the environment is evident also in the use of the parasol from the front of the terrace, which functions like a screen, continuing the front line, so typical of Latin American cities.

With the house Curutchet, Le Corbusier took aim of producing a unique and unprecedented, not only for the time but also within his own work. It is no longer an abstract speculation that ingnora their environment, quite the contrary: the house Curutchet is designed as a delicate fabric between old and new, the use of space and given the elements (such as medians and parks) and the creation of new spaces, like the terrace and patio.


The facade is defined from the absence of the wall, then drive a pedestrian access with a concrete-free, isolated columns and a plot of rectangles in the first and second level as a way to isolate the umbrellas of office space and terrace, conforming The first body of the house. In the background, linked from a ramp and across a courtyard with half a tree at the center, is the size of the house settled on four levels of basement rooms for servants, ground floor reception, first floor social area (which extends over roof terrace as the office until the facade) and second-floor private area.



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