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Mogno, Valle Maggia (Ticino), Switzerland
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Mario Botta adheres to this project at the invitation of the Commission as reconstruction of the ancient church, destroyed along with half of the people of Mogno after an avalanche in 1986.
The architect conceived as a meditation around the building, an expression of the daily work of man, his presence in the landscape and its relationship with nature.


The church is at the end of the village of Mogno, forming around it a new urban space related to the church.


The interior space is a rectangle inscribed in an ellipse foreign deforms gradually into a circle on the deck, leaning in the direction of short axis of the ellipse.

The wall, very thick in its lower part, reflects the nature of the building as a unit, contrasting with the lightness of the glass cover.

The two large buttresses form a front porch at the entrance tower and stress. Some steps placed between them make up the lower deck of the rainwater, in a curious game that ends in a water pond in front of the entrance.


Bearing stone walls are complemented by two powerful buttresses that link the top of the walls, but thin, with the bottom.


Both the walls and floors are made of stone blocks in alternative filadas granite and marble.
The casing is made of glass, supported by a metal structure with wood and black steel.



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