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398.000 m2
Everette, Seattle, United States


Boeing is one of the leading manufacturers of aircraft and aerospace equipment in the world. His full name is The Boeing Company and its headquarters is located in the city of Chicago. The larger factories are located in the outskirts of the city of Seattle in Washington state, along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

History of the brand

The company, originally called “B & W”, was founded by William Edward Boeing and George Conrad Westervelt in 1916. The following year, and acquired the name “Boeing Airplane Company.” William E. Boeing had studied at Yale University and worked initially in the timber sector, where he became a wealthy man, and where he acquired knowledge of wooden structures that later will be useful for the construction of airplanes. The company was founded in an old barn made of wood that was called the “red barn” (Red Barn).


The Boeing factory in Everett is only 40km north of the city of Seattle in Washington State, USA.

Description and Space

The Boeing factory in Everett is composed of two spaces separated by a highway. These two sites are joined by the only private bridge that crosses a public road in Washington state.

Offices, Painting and Track

On one side of the highway are dedicated to office buildings, the facilities are open to the public as the cafeteria, Souvenirs shop and museum. On the same side of the highway are facilities devoted to painting the aircraft and the runway used for testing each one of the devices manufactured.


On the opposite side of the highway is the chain assembly of different aircraft manufactured by the brand. All of them give rise to what has been awarded the Guinness prize for being the world’s largest building in terms of volume.

This building has been growing over the years as the needs of the factory as needed to be expanded twice to accommodate the power assembly lines for new models.

Currently, the building covers an area of 398.000m2 with an internal volume of 13.3 million cubic meters and a perimeter of 3.5 km. To get an idea we could put the park, Disneyland in California and its interior still sobraría space. For most sports fans 75 U.S. football fields could also be placed inside them.

In order to the interior of the building the next great pre assembled pieces from other points on the planet and to be able to get the planes once the building has 6 doors about 25m high by 100m wide.

The factory is lightened by more than one million bulbs so that the temperature inside the building increased considerably. But there is no need no air-conditioning system since taking into account the height of the building interior temperature at ground level is stable at about 20 degrees. The temperature at higher levels, however, can easily reach 40 degrees.
In the event that the temperature increase more than enough to open an account of the major gates to create a system of natural ventilation.

The Mural

On March 29 2006, Boeing opened a new mural on the facade of the main building of the factory in Everett.

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized the mural, which includes more than 9290 square meters of film prints, as the chart’s largest digital world.

The painting covers the six entrances of the factory on the southern side of the building – which already is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest building in terms of volume.
The doors comprising the mural are 25 feet high, with a width varying between 91 and 107 meters. Each of them has a long approximately a football field from the Official American League (NFL).

The London company Fitch Design Consultants designed the new mural to capture the excitement of flying and enthusiasm of the employees of Boeing for the aerospace industry.
“The new look is refreshing. It’s a great way to celebrate the passion for airplanes of the people who work in this factory,” said Jeff Robinson, director of brand marketing and creative director of the project’s mural of Everett, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “It’s an impressive figure that falls short of our planes and outstanding product line.”
The mural is composed of more than 475 sheets (1 x 18 meters). It took more than five months to install, mainly due to adverse weather conditions, which included 27 consecutive days of rain in December and January in the Seattle area.

The company 3M Co., Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, manufactured the pressure-sensitive graphic film and other products used in the design. This company is a pioneer in the use of graphic films to wrap vehicles and buildings with promotional messages.

SuperGraphics The company, based in Seattle, digitally printed and posted the film. Since 1993, SuperGraphics has implemented systems design cutting-edge technologies and printing screens and inkjet large format electrostatic to create campaigns of major proportions, which can not be overlooked.

Besides the new mural, the factory – 98.3 acres is repintó recently. This will be used more than 25,004 liters of paint.


To achieve the great lights required for the assembly of the aircraft was chosen for using tubular beams of approximately 10 meters singing. These beams are used in turn to support rastreles the laying slip cranes in charge of handling large and heavy pieces that make up an aircraft.



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