Built in
1996 - 2002
Top Floor Height
Astaná, Kazajistán
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The monumental structure of the Bayterek Tower was inaugurated in the center of the capital of Kazakhstan in 2002, starting a new stage in people’s lives and becoming a symbol not only of Astana, but also of the whole country.

The project began at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, in celebration of the 10 years of independence of the former Soviet Union, being the architect of the Akmurza Rustembekov project.


The tower was built in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. The Bayterek is located in the middle of Nurzhol Boulevard, better known as Radiant Path.


The Kazakh word “bayterek” literally translates as “high poplar”, referring to the tree. That is why the name of Bayterek Tower is so appropriate for a national monument loaded with symbolism and meaning, which connects the ancient world with the modern in a celebration of progress.

All the elements of the tower were designed with a meaning, even the 97m high monument refers to 1997, the year in which Astana was named capital of Kazakhstan.

The unusual construction of the tower is more than a unique artistic flowering. The golden sphere that rests on the multiple pointed needles symbolizes an egg located between the branches of the trees, a nod to an ancient folk tale about happiness and beginnings, centered on a bird that laid its egg on the sacred tree of life , called Baiyterek.

This combination of old and new is intriguing and inspiring for both Kazakhs and visitors, who are invited to travel to the top of the tower and see the views of the city from an observation platform inside its golden dome. This not only provides a unique tourist attraction, but also another means of symbolism, as visitors travel within the “egg” of happiness and beginnings, able to see the modern world from a place of history and legend.


The tower itself has a height of 97 meters that reaches 105m if you consider its base where an aquarium, the Bayterek Gallery and a small cafeteria are housed. Inside the tower there is an elevator that takes visitors to the height of 86 meters where there is a panoramic room with a beautiful view of the city. In the room there is a wooden globe with 17 petals that symbolize the religious movements of the world and an impression of the palm of Nursultan Nazarbaev, the first president of Kazakhstan.


The tower is supported by 500 piles that form a cylindrical structure that opens as it rises, its weight exceeds 1,000 tons.

The large golden glass sphere at the top of the tower, at 100m high is 22,072 meters in diameter, an area of 1,530 m2 and weighs almost 300 tons. It symbolizes a bright sun and is subdivided into 16 parallels and 32 meridians.


Among the main materials that were used to lift this structure are steel and glass.

Sphere crystals

  • 464 trapezoidal glass modules with truncated cone curvature.
  • Structural insulating glazing composed as follows: exterior in 66.4 tempered laminate and 6 mm tempered glass interior.
  • Fixing with VEC system, arranged in the glazed module for fixing to the structure.
  • Silicone gaskets





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