Kidosaki House
Built in
Land Area
610.9 m2
Floor Area
351.5 m2
Built-up Area
556.1 m2
Tokyo, Japan


This spacious house was built as a home for three families: a newlywed couple and both sets of parents. In actuality, there are three homes, one on each floor.


It’s located in an exclusive residential area of Setagaya.


The main goal of the project was to maintain the independence of each house and each family. The entire project consists of a cube, 12 meters per side, in the center of the plot and a curved wall in front near the entrance.


The blind wall of the front facade follows the profile of the street, curving inward to introduce the entrance to the house. A split entry features two staircases, one up to the second floor “home” and the second down below wtreet level to a garden, through which access to the other two floors is obtained. This interior courtyard helps to maintain the independence of each living space.


Reinforced concrete sans ornamentation.



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