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is a project of Group Hoiol [1] that would combine all the details of houses, buildings and engineering structures in the world possible.

Thisis to create a useful tool not only for curious users of the network but for professionals in architecture and engineering, who require references to other projects, plans, photographs, etc..

' also wants to give the opportunity for small architects and engineers to showcase their works alongside the most famous buildings of all time to create your own portfolio, which will be available for anyone wishing to consult. The architects who choose to publish their own work may also provide their contact details in his autobiography page so others can contact them if you are interested in developing a project under their command.

To create a larger database and can keep you up to date as possible 'the project has been developed in a Wiki so that anyone can work' (to perform some action is necessary to register) by adding works by adding information to the works or already changing incorrect or outdated information.